The Essence of Spirituality by Lama Surya Das

Spirituality – Spirituality isn’t concerning convictions – it’s concerning the method we tend to live and direct our everyday lives. Spirituality is concerned with those qualities of the human soul – like love and sympathy, tolerance, forgiveness, enjoyment, a way of liability, a way of harmony – that brings happiness to both self as well as other people. Spirituality is an important part of faith. Spirituality is often outlined as the in progress endeavor to grow in our relationship with God.

Buddhism Spirituality – Buddhist spirituality is concerned with the top of suffering through the enlightened understanding of reality. The spiritual practices of the Buddhist tradition vary considerably among its many major varieties, however all of them are unit orientated towards final freedom from suffering and therefore the cultivation of insight and empathy.

The essence of spirituality

The essence of spirituality is one that permits the mind to be at oneness with all of creation. They are able to let go of judgments that make disharmony between beliefs, in this way permitting everyone to experience their true path while not battling negativity.

When one comes with pure source energy with true love vibrations they’re spiritually connected. They believe the divine power that lives inside all of creation. To completely perceive Spirituality one should become connected to the present pure source energy and inhale it in with each breath.

According to Lama Surya Das – The essence of spiritual healing is love. Surya Das believes we are able to heal ourselves through adoration and discover fulfillment in love. Which might not involve another person? It’s going to be between my true self and I or in the middle of me and God, to place it in theistic terms. Obviously, we are able to expertise by being transported by the excellence of nature or a sunset. I feel the arts are an extraordinary method of awakening the heart today. Service and generosity, giving of ourselves is one of the best ways, one of the high roads to Enlightenment. It always has been. Kabir, the poet saint of India sang “Try to live the Path of Love.”

The importance of spirituality –

Many people see spirituality as a good way of seeking solace and peace in their life. It will usually be practiced aboard things like meditation that ultimately specialize in stress relief and release of feeling.

Spirituality is used as some way of gaining perspective, recognizing that our role in life features a larger worth than simply what we have a tendency to do daily. It will separate a person from dependence on material things and establish a greater purpose. Some people also see spirituality as some way of managing modification or uncertainty.
Ten spiritual observations from Lama Surya Das –

1. Truth telling is a rigorous spiritual practice.

2. Buddha’s not imagining.

3. We have a tendency to can’t simply believe whatever we predict. We think, accordingly, we err.

4. That which we call “I” is simply impermanent, ownerless karma moving along. Don’t take it personally.

5. Everyone is a little crazy. Remembering this helps us lighten up.

6. We require a spiritual life, not simply special experiences.

7. Grasping fleeting things to tightly give us rope burn.

8. Mindfulness practice helps us become additional transparent to ourselves.

9. Resistance is another type of clinging.

10. Work on being there while getting there.

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